Cyber Guardian

Cyber Guardian -"Empower Digital Security"

Cyber Guardian Workshop! In this dynamic and hands-on program, we'll dive into the exciting world of cybersecurity, exploring its importance, challenges, and strategies for protecting digital assets. Whether you're a seasoned professional or just starting out, this workshop will equip you with the knowledge and skills needed to safeguard against cyber threats.


  • Networking Concepts
  • Information Gathering
  • System Hacking
  • Scanning Network
  • Virus & Keyloggers
  • SQL Injections
  • Bug Bounty
  • Wifi Hacking

Road Map | Ethical Hacking

  • Ethical Hacking Basics

    Ethical hacking, also known as white-hat hacking, involves legally breaking into computers and devices to test an organization's defenses. It aims to identify vulnerabilities and weaknesses in systems before malicious hackers can exploit them. Ethical hackers use their skills to strengthen security measures and protect against cyber threats, ensuring the safety of digital assets and information.

  • Networking

    Networking is the backbone of modern communication, enabling devices to connect and share data. In its simplest form, networking involves the exchange of information between devices such as computers, smartphones, or servers. Through protocols and hardware like routers and switches, networks facilitate efficient data transfer, enabling the internet, local area networks (LANs), and wide area networks (WANs) to function seamlessly.

  • Linux Basic

    Linux, the open-source operating system, offers a robust platform for computing enthusiasts and professionals alike. Built on principles of collaboration and customization, Linux provides a versatile environment for diverse tasks, from server management to programming. Its command-line interface empowers users with efficient control and flexibility.

  • Learn About Vulnerabilities

    Vulnerability refers to weaknesses or gaps in systems, networks, or software that can be exploited by attackers. These vulnerabilities pose risks to data integrity, privacy, and system functionality. Understanding vulnerabilities is crucial in cybersecurity for identifying, prioritizing, and addressing potential threats. By staying vigilant and proactive, organizations can mitigate risks and enhance their overall security posture.

  • SQL Injections

    SQL injection is a common cyber threat where malicious SQL code is inserted into input fields of a web application, exploiting vulnerabilities to access or manipulate its database. By understanding SQL injection basics, you'll learn how to identify and prevent these attacks, safeguarding sensitive data and ensuring the security of your web systems..

  • Wifi Hacking

    WiFi hacking involves legally and responsibly assessing the security of wireless networks to identify vulnerabilities and strengthen defenses. It typically includes techniques like network scanning, packet sniffing, password cracking, and exploiting misconfigurations to improve security measures and protect against malicious attacks.

  • Bugs Bounty

    Bug Bounty programs use to finding and reporting security vulnerabilities in software, websites, or applications. This ethical hacking practice helps improve cybersecurity by identifying and fixing potential threats before they're exploited by malicious actors.


  1. Students can fill offline registration form available at college fee counter and submit registration fee.
  2. Student can enrolled for both the workshops as timings for both the workshops will be different for common students.
  3. After registration students will get an ID card for each workshop.
  4. Students need to bring stamp size photo for registration (one for each workshop).
  5. Workshop is open for both college students and other colleges/school students.
  6. Minimum eligibility to enroll in workshop is 12th pass/appeared.
  7. Other college/school students can fill registration form both offline or online.
  8. Online form is available at college website (only for other college/school students)
  9. In case of online form (only for other college/school)student need to contact at 9950076123 for registration fee payment.
  10. Registration after last date will not be allowed.
  11. Once registered, the registration fee will not be refundable or transferable.
  12. - Students will get e-certificate after completion of workshop with minimum 75% attendance.

Staring Date : 22-May-2024

Duration : 40 To 45 Hours

Venue : Lucky Institute Of Professional Studies , College Campus

Registration Fees : 700/-